Helloooo!  Welcome to my website

As you can see....always ready for a piece of cake!

I'm Trish and Pattie Cake Pat-a-cake is my "baby".

After two years of immersing myself in all things cake and its decoration, I've turned my passion into a business!  If you're looking for that special celebration cake, even just a single tier, then I can work with you to put together your idea.

The same goes for cupcakes.  If you have a theme in mind, then let's work together to create that design.

Price is nearly always the main consideration for lots of us, so to give you some idea of sizes, portions and cost  take a look and my price and portions page.  

Now there's usually one person in most families who likes to bake, so as an alternative how about that person bakes the cake then you purchase one of my cake toppers to turn it into something special.  An upside of this is that you could say "look what I've made" with minimal guilty conscience, as it's mainly true!  Take a look at my toppers pages which showcases examples and prices of my work.  Again let me know if there's something specific you would like and I'll sculpt it to your design.

I'm approved by my local health authority, have the Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate and am fully insured.

Hope you enjoy having a look at my pages.  🙂